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the brief....

Based on the client’s vision and business goals, we defined three global tasks:
1. Create a B2B webshop with client log in
2. Connect with the Pantheon ERP system for the sales process with the several very complex features inside of Pantheon systems, such as tiered pricing structures, tax exemptions, VAT handling, custom billing fields, an invoice payment gateway, negotiated price offers, etc.
3. Development and design of a website informative and sales drive, simple to use.

the story...

"AZMOL British Petrochemicals" is a petrochemical company manufacturing high-quality oils, lubricants, and cutting fluids for over 80 years. It was an honor for the leading sales representative in Serbia to work on a customized solution for their customers and simplify the sales process.


The first step was to get acquainted with Pantheon business software and the way of Azmol sales. It was essential to get to know customers to create the most straightforward sales process for the customer himself. After defining the process, the second step was to connect the Pantheon ERP system and the WordPress platform, create a woo-commerce plugin for connection with the Pantheon database, and monitor all the necessary processes.

key features...

Creation of auto/manual woo-commerce solutions for store orders and product import by Pantheon.
Auto sync woo-commerce store stock with Pantheon product list name, quantity, and price, image importer.
Automatic clients and transactions (paid) import and export with orders.


We create a complete solution for running a wholesale, B2B store with WooCommerce and Pantheon ERP system - with complete design WordPress + B2B for the client, log in and email marketing template for orders by WooCommerce.

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