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Yes, we all know the main rules when speaking about mobile design, especially when we talk about creating an app to sell goods.

There are three basic principles of good mobile UX/UI Design.
They are:
Responsive Design
Adaptive Design
Interaction Design

But behind that "simple" process is that when we design some mobile app, we must evoke positive emotions and create an easy and self-descriptive app.
That is more complicated to do.
Sometimes challenges are finding the most accessible navigation and putting all critical information in the right spot.

Yes, in design and working with the client, everything counts.
But our experience says that the most vital for an app is to make navigation easy and have a friendly interface with eye-catching colors.
The rule is: to make your users' lives easier. Moving from one place to another should be as smooth as possible.

Here we present to you our final three app designs.

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