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| UX/UI Design for eCommerce

Here we present to you some of the latest designs for e-commerce shops that we have done.
In the development of the online store, we pay special attention to the appearance of individual product pages with the aim that each one has the necessary elements to attract customers.

We primarily focus on clean product pages.

It would be best if you had in mind that each store is unique and can highlight different elements on the product page such as description, detailed description, size, colors, material, delivery method, price, and so on.
Indeed, goals are unique and will depend on the specific product.

In general, we pay attention to the following:
1. Immediately draw the consumer's attention to the Add to Cart button
2. Product Description
3. Pictures/ Gallery
4. Product overview, including title, price, features, CTAs, and customization options
5. Social proof 

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